NEWS: A Private Label line of natural candles designed for Merci Bisous

When Pauline, Founder of the Brand for baby and kids Mercibisous contacted me a little over a year ago to talk about the possibility to design a line of natural scented candles for her brand, I was beyond excited to take on this new project.

To me, designing a candle for a brand other than ARTISANE was a first, and I was not sure to be up for the challenge but I was definitely eager to try. 

Mercibisous is an online boutique with a handpicked selection of babies wear, kids toys & accessories for sustainable choice & cool design.

Conceived by a French Mom in 2015 and based in New York, Merci Bisous stands for “thank you, kisses”, as the gift for children that everyone wants to share. 

Together, (and despite Covid), we managed to research and select the products Pauline liked and envisioned for her brand as well as the ingredients she wanted to work with. 

1/ The selection of the jar 

Our creation process started with the selection of the jar. 

The beautiful light blue/green ceramic jars she selected are available in 2 declinations, a Squirrel and a Fawn. These unique jars are handmade by a local ceramist founded in Brooklyn called SKT ceramics

Each jar carries about 8oz of wax for an approximate burn time of 45 hours. 

2/ Finding the fragrance 

We established the fragrance profile we wanted for Mercibisous considering the universe of the brand and oriented our choices towards fresh and soft notes that would work well in a nursery or around baby and kids.

We started our fragrances testing with orange blossom, citrus or violet to finally pick our beautiful bergamot. "Countryside - Bergamot" was born. 

3/ Wrapping up with some tailored and sustainable packaging 

For the packaging, we decided to go with fabrics and picked a beautiful cotton pouch hand sewn in Brooklyn with a design by Rifle Paper Co. 

Mercibisous’s line of candles is made with the same premium quality ingredients used in all of our ARTISANE’s products. We use 100% coconut wax, phthalates-free fragrances and cotton wicks. NO additives, NO paraffin, NO toxic ingredients. 

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