Candle making + Wine Tasting  at 16 Sep 23 17:00 EDT

Candle making + Wine Tasting at 16 Sep 23 17:00 EDT

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Join us for a special evening of candle making and wine tasting!

Learn the power and skills to create a healthy, fragrant, natural candle you can feel really good about burning in your home.

The class is approximately 2 hours and organized into 2 parts, theory and practice, followed by a wine tasting per person (includes a flight of 3 wines per person)

Part I includes the following topics: Why making natural candles are better for your health and the environment. The variety of ingredients needed to make a natural candle, how to select and where to source them. The equipment required to make your own candles, a tutorial on how to use it safely and effectively, as well as where you can purchase it. A unique recipe to make scented natural candles. The testing guidelines, advice & legal requirements to sell your own candles.

Part II of the class will be the actual practice of making candles, the most fun part!

We will work together to create 2 types of candles: Lotion candle when burned, the melted wax can actually be used as a moisturizing agent on your skin, making it ideal for that relaxing spa-like atmosphere you’re going for in your home. Standard natural scented candle Utilizing 100% soy or coconut wax with pure oil fragrance, we will make candles you can be proud to burn in any room of the house.

You will leave the class with:

An extensive knowledge about candles and the natural ingredients required to make them yourself (+a digital handout)

2 x natural scented candles (standard & lotion) that you created yourself

A wine flight per person (includes a tasting pour of 3 wines each)

LOCATION Atelier Artisane Long Island City, Queens (Square Wine LIC) 

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