Fragrance Oils Blending class (for candle-making)  at 23 Jul 23 13:30 EDT

Fragrance Oils Blending class (for candle-making) at 23 Jul 23 13:30 EDT

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What you'll learn in this fragrance oils blending class:

Learn the techniques to make your own "signature" fragrance oils blend for candle making using our library of scented notes. 

In this 2 hours class, your teacher Melanie will share with you; 

  • The types of fragrance oils to work with and the differences with essential oils
  • The different fragrance notes families (floral, spicy, woody...) 
  • The tools required to make your blends and how to source your fragrance oils 
  • How to test your blends and create your first "accord"
  • The specific ratios and formulas applying to candle making 

In the second part, your will take this into practice and create 2 of your very own blends, the most fun part! 

You will start by smelling all the samples and choose your favorites. You will then blend your notes and create 2  different "accords". Finally, you will scale them to make 2 sample bottles (1oz each) 

    You will leave the class with:

    • A digital handout with all the knowledges shared in the class, including the techniques, list of supplies, ratios and formulas to make your blends 
    • 2 x different fragrance oils blends you made during class (1oz bottle each) 

    Notes: it's highly recommended (but not required) to take this class with the Natural Candle Making class as both courses are complementary. 


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