LIVE Natural candle making class (online)  at 03 Sep 22 11:00 EDT

LIVE Natural candle making class (online) at 03 Sep 22 11:00 EDT

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If you fancy some cozy indoor activities that will inspire your mind and give you things to do on a rainy day at home, then candle-making is perfect!

This beginner-friendly candle class will begin with a discussion about ingredients, recipes, supplies, health, and safety, as well as plenty of time for questions.

Then you will be rolling up your sleeves to have a go yourself. Guided by your candle connoisseur, Melanie, you will learn how to use your tools and equipment to melt and pour your wax and fragrance into jars. You will also learn how to set up the wicks and labels to finalize your homemade candles.

We can send you a candle-making kit with loads of useful supplies for you to use, but you can also source your own materials and just come along to the virtual experience. It's a great way to learn a new hobby that will spark your creativity and add some beautiful aromas to any room. By the end of this online candle-making class, you will have two gorgeous candles made with natural ingredients that you can feel safe about burning in your home.

You will also be sent the recipe and guidebook after the class is over so you can keep making more DIY candles!

What you'll get in your craft kit (if you order it)

100% natural coconut wax to make 2 candles of 8oz each

2 x pre-sized bottles of 2 different phthalate-free fragrances

2 x 100% cotton wicks 2 x wooden wick holders

2 x 8oz seamless metal tins

2 x warning labels

What you'll need at home

A melter or a double boiler system using kitchen equipment

A wooden spoon or stick to stir




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