Embracing the Charm of Hudson, New York: A Culinary Adventure and More

As soon as summer wraps up, typically just after Labor Day, my favorite thing to do is plan a fall getaway to savor the first few days of crisp weather, somewhere tucked away in Upstate New York.

I had heard about Hudson for its charm, tranquility, and most notably, its delectable restaurants that pride themselves on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

After a leisurely two-hour train ride from Penn Station, I found myself in Hudson, ready to settle into the most charming Airbnb. It happened to be conveniently located on Warren Street, which is the heart of the town.

Hudson, New York, nestled along the banks of the Hudson River, boasts a rich and storied history that traces its roots back to its founding in 1785. Originally known as "Claverack Landing," the town played a pivotal role in the early development of the United States. Hudson rapidly transformed into a bustling port, serving as a crucial link between New York City and the interior regions of the young nation. During the 19th century, Hudson thrived as a hub for commerce and industry, with shipbuilding, whaling, and manufacturing fueling its economy. The city's architecture is a stunning reflection of its prosperous past, characterized by well-preserved Federal, Greek Revival, and Victorian-era buildings. Today, Hudson has evolved into a vibrant cultural destination, attracting artists, antique collectors, and tourists who appreciate its historic charm and artistic flair.

hudson river

From charming antique shops to delightful coffee houses and exceptional restaurants, Hudson exceeded my expectations for culinary delights in such a quaint town.

What sets Hudson apart is its unique blend of diverse demographics, where younger crowds seamlessly mix with older folks, and everything exudes a chic and stylish vibe, right down to the artsy boutiques.

Here are a few of my top recommendations for making the most of your visit to Hudson, NY:


- The Antique Warehouse: Get ready to lose track of time.

- Behida Dolic Millinery: Explore designer clothes and hats.

- Clove & Creek: Discover stylish housewares.

- Finch: A fun mix of old and new.

- Furlong: Your go-to for vintage denim.


- Hudson Roastery: Open at 7 am, making it the earliest coffee shop in town. Charming ambiance, delicious coffee, and freshly baked goods.


- Le Perche: A lovely setting with a cute terrace in the back. Don't miss the local mushroom toast with a fried egg.

Sweet Treat:

- Verdigris Cafe: Try the fresh lavender lemonade.


- Farmer & Sons: Start with the Oyster Happy Hour ($1) from 5-6 pm. The burger is legendary, the cocktails exceptional, and the service professional and friendly.

A Special Mention:

- Feast & Floret: On my final evening in town, I had eagerly saved my appetite for a dinner at Feast & Floret. The online reviews had sung its praises, piquing my curiosity. Fortunately, the weather graced me with its loveliness, allowing me to take a seat on the sidewalk and bask in the golden-hour glow reflecting off the red brick walls.

I embarked on my culinary journey with meatballs, followed by a delectable serving of squid ink pasta, and capped it off with an espresso martini. The dishes were a symphony of flavors, showcasing freshness and tastefulness. The service was top-notch, marked by its professionalism and friendliness. Without a doubt, Feast & Floret quickly earned the title of my favorite place in town, and I'm eagerly anticipating my return visit!



And here are a few places on my list for next time, as suggested by the locals:

- Le Gamin: A charming French bistro on Warren Street.

- Cafe Mutton: A local favorite, often with a line but well worth the wait.

- The Maker Lounge: Ideal for a delightful cocktail.

- Backbar: Known for its street Thai food and small plates.