About Us

Artisane Candle Atelier is the realization of a lifelong dream and my unwavering passion for capturing the beauty and allure of the natural fragrances that graced my childhood in Provence, the enchanting region of southern France. There, the air is perfumed with the scents of lavender, roses, pine, and olive trees.

My journey into the world of scents began at a tender age when I started collecting "miniatures," those petite perfume bottles that parfumeurs often offer as samples. These tiny vessels held a world of magic, where the essence of nature was distilled into a beautiful bottle, evoking powerful emotions.

My childhood dream was to work in a Parfumerie, but as life often unfolds, I allowed practicality to steer me toward a different path. I pursued a career in law, attending law school in Aix en Provence and later moving to Paris to become an employment lawyer. Yet, within a few months, I realized that this path would lead me to a life devoid of happiness.

Fueled by a desire for a fresh start and adventure, I took a bold leap, relocating to Miami Beach to open a bakery with my younger brother. Although the bakery was short-lived, it marked my initial foray into entrepreneurship. Despite the challenges, I discovered that the entrepreneurial spirit resonated with my adventurous nature.

I subsequently moved to New York City, embracing various roles as a server, bartender, host, rental agent, and executive assistant, all the while immersing myself in my new environment. I tinkered with the idea of building something I could call my own.

The passion for fragrances and the inspiration from my early years in southern France remained a constant in my life. In an attempt to infuse my NYC apartment with the scents of home, I purchased candles with familiar fragrances. However, the mass-produced candles I found in stores triggered headaches and allergies, containing paraffin wax and harmful chemicals like phthalates.

Determined to craft a better solution, I delved into candle making, experimenting with natural ingredients. After attending candle-making classes, I discovered a simple, natural formula that produced clean, pure scents using coconut wax.

At first, I crafted candles for personal enjoyment and for my closest friends. Their encouragement led me to explore further. My entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to share my passion, and the aspiration to cultivate something beautiful from the seed of my natural fascination with scents all converged to propel me towards my dream.

And so, Artisane Candle Atelier was born.

Artisane, a French word, signifies a craftswoman – someone who shapes creations with her hands. Atelier, on the other hand, represents a workshop, where artists mold their creations. These two words encapsulate the essence of Artisane Candle Atelier.

It is a space where women and men alike gather to learn how to craft something uniquely their own. By combining the simple gifts of nature, we create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Artisane is a haven for candle enthusiasts, for those who seek cleaner, healthier products, and for the crafty souls unafraid to roll up their sleeves and craft something infused with love.

My mission is to provide a place where I can share my passion with others who aspire to create something beautiful for themselves and their loved ones.

I have a deep love for teaching. My classes are not only informative but also fun and entertaining. They are filled with knowledge that extends far beyond the classroom, equipping you with skills that can last a lifetime. I've had the pleasure of teaching students from all corners of the world the art of candle making and the joy of sharing this experience with others.

Entrepreneurship is an ongoing challenge. It involves creating something from the ground up and nurturing it until it can stand on its own. It demands time, effort, and sacrifice, but the rewards are immeasurable.

If you're eager to delve into the art of candle making using natural, healthy, and clean ingredients, I would be thrilled to be your guide. At Artisane Candle Atelier, we offer classes on candle making and fragrance blending. Sometimes, we even indulge in complimentary wine tastings!

Begin your journey by signing up for your first class today. Your adventure awaits! 🕯️🌟