3 ways to extinguish a candle safely

gold candle accessories

When it's time to extinguish your candles, a few accessories can be helpful. 

We highly recommend using one these 3 methods rather than "blowing" the flame of your candle because doing so can move the position of the wick and spill some hot wax out of the container. 

The first option is to use a lid. You simply place it on top of your candle while burning. Once the oxygen is out, the flame will turn off and the smoke will stay inside the jar.

The second option is to use a snuffer. This tool, who looks like a bell, is used to cover and shut the flame by hovering it for a few seconds.

Finally, our favorite tool, the dipper. This tool is similar to a surgery tool and is used to dip the flame in the hot wax to extinguish it. It's our favorite tool because we can use it to reposition the wick in the center and it stops the wick from smoking. 

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