Make Your Signature Lavender Blends (And More)!

I’m currently on my annual trip to my childhood home of Provence, France.

And it also happens to be the start of the season for one of my favorite pieces of home – the Lavender fields are in bloom!

Lavender has a delicious sweet smell that is floral, herbal and woodsy all at once. Which is why it has become one of the most sought after scents in beauty products, perfumes and, of course, candles!

For me it’s more than just a beautiful fragrance, it’s the smell of summer at home.

That’s why during my many years away from Provence I have always searched for the best Lavender scented candles.

And it’s why when I started creating my own scents and homemade candles, it’s the very first fragrance that I sought to master.

At Artisane Candle Atelier I teach my students how to make my favorite Lavender scented candles using fresh, toxin-and-irritant-free Lavender oils.

I also love using Lavender when I teach students how to create their own “signature” fragrance oils.

If you want to learn the skills to build your own Lavender scented candles from start to finish (or any others from our large library of scented notes), Artisane Candle Atelier’s Candle Making Workshop will give you all the tools, ingredients and knowledge you need!

Or you could sign up for one of our Fragrance Blending Workshops to learn how to create your own Lavender fragrance oils and blend it with complimentary notes to make a fragrance that’s truly your own!

…Now I’m going to get back to enjoying the beautiful sights, good company and incredible smells of Provence.

I hope to see you at Artisane Candle Atelier soon!