NEWS: Participate to our 2020 CHALLENGE and double your order on us!

Every New Year deserves its own Challenge and we just picked ours for 2020

Since the launch of our E-Shop in July 2019, you have been many to support us here in the NY area but also beyond and we wanted to thank you personally

Each sale we make is special,  and so far, we made our first online sale in 9 different STATES thanks to you

In fact, we remember your names so THANK YOU Alain D. (New Jersey), Alexandra P. (New York), Alisia R. (Kentucky), Karala H. (Georgia), Bonni K. (Iowa), Catherine B. (Maryland), Lee G. (Pennsylvania), Yvette R. (Ohio) and Marcia B. (California).
You guys lit our fire! ;) 

Our GOAL for 2020 is to keep the list growing and change the color of this map to our pink! But for that, we need your help!

How can you help? 

If you live in one of the states where we don't have a customer yet (in white on the map) and you are the FIRST one from your state to place on order online, we DOUBLE your order, on us

Be quick and don't miss your chance! Only ONE person per state can win

(promotion available in the US only - limited to one order per household - offer valid until 12/31/2020)