This Month’s Discoveries – My Scented Trip to France

This summer I am spending a full month in my home region of Provence, France.

Naturally, I am devoting much of my time here to discovering new scents and fragrances that I hope to use in my own Artisane Candles – and that I hope to share with my students and Artisane clients.

I have discovered (or rediscovered) a huge range of delicious smells during my time in Provence. But to keep this post at a reasonable length (😉), today I want to share two in particular that have really blown me away with their subtle inspiration.

1. First is a Parisian brand that I had never heard of before: La Manufacture

What really got my nose’s attention is a perfume of theirs called Cashmere, which is a rather wintery fragrance. But in my mind I see it as perfect for any cooler evening or night (just like a layer of cashmere on the shoulders). 

It is one of their Collection Opus Matières which feel (and smell) exclusive. 

Their Cashmere fragrance contains notes of Bergamot, Amber, and Guaiac wood.

The effect is a scent that exudes comfort and the cozy feeling of home on a chilly night.

I will be bringing some home to New York and putting all of my energy into recreating my own twist on this magical blend of soothing smells.

2. Second is from the ENTIRE collection from Guerlain called “Les Absolus D’Orient”.

Inspired by the Middle East and their precious woods like oud (my new obsession), oriental spices, and leather, this collection contains strong and powerful scents that manage to feel warm and seductive. Someone with this type of fragrance will definitely make an impression. 

“Les Absolus D’Orient” may not be for everyone’s nose. To some it may seem too “overpowering”. But it is well worth a smell test. Because those whose senses it does tickle will absolutely love it.

(I am one of those people 😍).

In fact, this discovery has inspired me so much that I plan to visit the Middle East soon to smell all these beautiful fragrances directly from the source (what a dream)!

I encourage you to discover La Manufacture’s Cashmere and Guerlain’s “Les Absolus D’Orient” for yourself if you get a chance. 

Both really are among the most vibrant and exciting scents I have had the pleasure to experience in a long time.

But of course, they are just a small sample of what has inspired me during my trip to France. 

There will be more to come soon!