Summer in Provence... Going Back Home!

Summer is coming and the moment I am looking forward to every year is approaching – my return to Provence.

For as long as I have been in the US, it has always been a priority for me to go back each year, no matter how busy my life has become. 

It’s an opportunity to be with my family, my friends and to feel at home. It’s also a time to pause, be in the moment, smell, feel inspired… and create. 

Salon de Provence is the name of our closest town. But mom’s house is in Eyguieres- a small village nested in the Alpilles (mountains) 

What I love the most about this place are the scents. From the moment I land in Marseille, when the automatic doors of Terminal 2 open, my first breath of fresh air is filled with the smell of herbs, dry soil, sea wind and lavender… I’m Home. 

Let me share a few of my favorite things about this place, so next time you book a trip to France, you can take a few days to discover my home region 🙂

Let’s start with the FOOD (yes, right after the nose, the stomach is next to be triggered when you step foot in Provence ;) 

What do we eat in Provence? 

Well. It’s not what we eat but How we eat. 

We like to use fresh ingredients, grown locally, including a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. And we cook them simply.

Take a piece of meat or fish, put it on the grill with Herbes de Provence, and that's it!

(Take a moment to imagine the smell of the steak grilling with the Herbes de Provence…)

And with that? Some delicious, chilled Rose. 

One local treat I love in particular in Provence is the TAPENADE. 

It is a type of spread made with crushed olive, garlic, capers and anchovies. We eat it with crackers or toasted bread. 

If you are invited for the Apero in the South of France, you can be sure TAPENDADE will be on the menu!  

(Apero - before dinner drinks with small bites) 

Here are some more things that you don’t want to miss while in Provence. 

It’s a beautiful region nested inland and a few miles away from the coast. Not “fancy” like the more famous Cote d’Azur but a lot more authentic. 

Here are a couple of small typical Provencal villages are worth the visit:


Les Baux de Provence

Saint Remy de Provence 



What do you want to bring back from your trip to Provence?

Chocolate from Puyricard 

Soap from Marius Fabres 

Olive Oil from Le Moulin de Mouries 

A bottle of rose from Chateau Lacoste (sneaked in the luggage?)

What do you want to smell?

EVERYTHING- from handmade soaps with delicious smells, to lavender bags, herbes de provence, olives, and anything you find at a farmer's Market. (And never forget the cheese!!) 

Next we are going to GRASSE, the village known as the World Capital of Perfume. More on that next month.