TIPS: A new method to be happy: be HYGGE

What does Hygge mean?

According to the Danish, Hygge is a concept of coziness that makes a person feel content and comfortable.

Often, hygge moments include two people warmly snuggling by a roaring fire on a cold winter's night while sipping hot cocoa or an intimate gathering of friends at someone's house for a candle-lit dinner, conversation, and light entertainment.

The fire and candles are traditional elements in establishing hygge. This tradition is likely connected to the endlessly dark Nordic winters, during which people in the past found comfort and relaxation in watching their flickering dance.

HYGGE Home: make your living room smile


Gather a few cozy blankets, light one, two (or thirty ;) candles depending on your preferences, add some decorations that make you feel at home.

Add some hot chocolate or hot tea, a few homemade cookies, and enjoy the moment alone or with loved ones.

hot chocolate

HYGGE Lifestyle: feel good with ease


Disconnect from your phone and laptop, use comfortable clothing, ward off negatives thoughts and surround yourself with people (and animals) that you love.

According to Danish culture, being Hygge helps people rediscover happiness with simple things, so why not trying?

Here is an example of a Hygge week challenge to help you get started;

 hygge challenge


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