INFO: Why are red roses the symbol of love ?

We all know that sometimes, a rose means more than words.

Those flowers, thanks to their beauty and magical scent have helped people, for hundreds of years, to say "I love you".

But tulips, gladiolus, and orchids are beautiful too, so why are red roses really the symbol of love and passion and how did it start? 

To understand this monopoly, we have to go back in time; 

Greek mythology 

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, often wears roses around her head, neck or feet in pictures. Moreover, from the blood of her lover, Adonis, grew a rose bush when he died. 

Romeo and Juliet (1595)

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” this famous quote from Romeo and Juliet means a lot of things: rose symbolizes beauty, love, and passion, but the thorns are a reminder that love can also be painful: their love that was symbolized by the rose, kills them both.

A Red, Red Rose (1794)

Another artist, Robert Burns, pays tribute to the rose and perpetuate the tradition with a Scottish poem.

Victorian Era in Europe (1837 –  1901) 

During this period, public shows of affection were frowned upon, it was not possible to simply ask for a date. So the only solution for lovers to express their feelings was red roses: commonly used to send messages of love.

In addition, the Victorians were obsessed with floriography ( the language of flowers): that implies that every flower has a meaning and a different message to tell the person who receives it. 

It is this tradition that reaffirmed the red rose as a symbol of romance.

Alice in Wonderland (1865)

Lewis Carroll also honors the rose with the crazy Queen of Hearts.  She was so passionate about red rose that her gardeners frantically painted the roses red, for fear she would cut off their heads if it was discovered they planted white roses by mistake!

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