Private Atelier

After teaching natural candle making classes for a few years, many of my students have asked me if I was also offering private sessions for them to perfect their craft or make their own candle collections.

I am now happy to offer a new format in my own private atelier located in Astoria (Queens) for people who are interested in learning more about natural candle making.

Who can book a Private Atelier?

Anyone interested in learning the process to make natural candles, with or without previous experience. 

It is recommended to take one of my candle class prior to a private atelier but this is not mandatory. 

A private atelier is limited to 2 persons maximum so you can bring a friend with you. 

How long is a Private Atelier? 

Between 1h30 to 2h depending on your level (beginner or advanced)

What will you do during the Private Atelier? 

1/ Based on your previous knowledge/experience with natural candle making, I will give you a small one-on-one class explaining the basics of candle making, the making process, the importance of choosing natural ingredients, recipes and list of suppliers before we start.

2/ Whether you prefer floral, woody or sweet notes, you will be able to pick and choose 3 fragrances from my fragrances library to make 2 candles with each fragrances (6 candles in total)

3/ I will guide you to pick the type of wax you will want to work with and the type of candles you want to make (standard candle with soy wax or lotion candle with coconut wax)

4/ You will select the type of wicks you prefer (wood or cotton) and set up your 6 candle containers

5/ Then, you will use the equipment to melt and pour each of your candles (3 batches of 2 candles each time)

What will you be leaving the atelier with? 

An extensive knowledge about candle making and a first experience and with your very own 6 signature handmade candles + a complementary wick trimmer!! 


When can I book my Private Atelier?


Contact me directly here to book your Private Atelier!