Candle Making Classes NYC


I grew up in the south of France, surrounded by the lavender fields of Provence, alongside flourishing sunflowers and olive trees. I developed a passion for the fragrances of nature as a child and started making and collecting my own perfume as a hobby. My passion has evolved into a love for candles and the cozy, healing ambiance they create in your home by diffusing these beautiful scents which evoke comforting memories of childhood.  

Being an avid candle collector myself, I began to notice that some fragrances would give me headaches or trigger allergies. This is when I dug deeper and did my own research on what could be causing these reactions. What I discovered was that too many scented candles contains harmful chemicals for us and for the environment. 

I have since made it my mission to learn how to make my own scented candles by utilizing the best quality and l naturally sourced ingredients available. I have created my own unique recipe that uses vegan waxes such as soy & coconut and phthalates free fragrances to make a cleaner type of candle.

My objective in this workshop is to teach you what I have learned for myself, and giving you the power and skills to create a healthy, fragrant, natural candle you can feel really good about burning in your home. 



What will you learn in our candle making class? 

This candle making class is approximately 1.5 hours and organized into 2 parts,  theory and practice.

Part I includes the following topics

  • Why making natural candles are better for your health and the environment.
  • The variety of ingredients needed to make a natural candle, how to select and where to source them.
  • The equipment required to make your own candles, a tutorial on how to use it safely and effectively, as well as where you can purchase it.
  • A unique recipe to make scented natural candles.
  • The testing guidelines, advice & legal requirements to sell your own candles.

Part II of our candle making class will be the actual practice of making candles

We will work together to create 2 types of candles

  • Standard natural scented candle 

Utilizing 100% soy or coconut wax with phthalates free fragrances, we will make candles you can be proud to burn in any room of the house.

  • Lotion candle

When burned, the melted wax can actually be used as a moisturizing agent on your skin, making it ideal for that relaxing spa-like atmosphere you’re going for in your home

What will you leave our candle making class with? 

  • An extensive knowledge about candles and the natural ingredients required to make them yourself (+handbook provided) 
  • 2 x natural scented candles (standard and lotion) that you created yourself

Where is our candle making class located? 

The class is held in Long Island City (inside Square Wine & Spirits, 24-20 Jackson Avenue) most Sundays from 11.30AM to 1PM EST.